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We are experts at providing safe and efficient lead and or chase car services for your over-sized load. B’s takes pride in being effective and efficient with confirming routes to making sure the public is aware of your over dimensional load, while also keeping close eye on traffic issues so as to warn the truck driver of potential and real roadway hazards.

Height Precautions

High Pole


When approaching an overpass or going through tunnels, it is important to know you can safely navigate the potential hazard. By preparing, in advance of the trip, and scouting the route before your over-sized transport reaches that critical juncture, B’s takes precautions to assure that height clearance mishaps do not occur.





  • Oversized Chase Loads: $1.35/mile over 125 miles
  • Day Rate: $500*
  • Chase mini over 50 miles and under 125 miles: $210*
    • $25 for each hour over 3hrs
  • Lead Car: $1.45/mile
  • Slow/Superload: $500*/day minimum
  • High Pole less than 15': $1.50/mile
  • Traffic Control: $23.00/hour
  • Route Surveys: $1.45/mile
  • Down Time: $20.00/hour (First 2 hours free)
  • Full Day Downtime:  $170/day + motel
  • Deadhead  $0.60 per mile after 300 miles
    • No Charge if loaded miles exceed deadhead
  • No Go: $150.00
  • Motel: $65.00/night
  • East/West coast match receipts


*Negotiable  (subject to change)

Focused on Your Safety


4 Fire Extinguishers
9 Safety Triangles
9 flares

3 Cones
Height pole
Reflective vest
Hard hat
Yellow and Red traffic direction lights
 40 channel CB 
Red safety flags
Aluminum Over-sized Load Sign
Sound off LED mini bar and grill lights
Stop/Slow Sign
Wiring Kit
Tool Kit
First Aid Kit  


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